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Wednesday September 16, 2015 Hour 2 Complete

September 16, 2015


Scott Baker
Professor at the Henry George School, the President of Georgist activist group, Common Ground-NYC, and the State Coordinator for the New York Chapter of the Public Banking Institute.
How does a Public Bank work and why don't they exist in every state?
Where in the US has a Public Bank been effective and why? The positive effects public and community banks have on a local and national economy.

Bill Saracino
2016 Committee National Director
The large grassroots "Win Ben Win" support network they have built across America to propel Ben Carson to the White House.
The "Magic" Behind the Dr. Ben Carson Presidential Campaign

Eden V. Wells, M.D., M.P.H,
Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology & Director of Preventive Medicine Residency at the University of Michigan school of public health. Bubonic plague case confirmed in Michigan.

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