The Steve Gruber Show

Wednesday July 29, 2015 Hour 3 Complete

July 29, 2015

The Gruber Family Vacation hits Petoskey.
Vanity Presidential Campaigns.

Former Ambassador Francis Rooney
Served as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See (the Catholic Church) under George W. Bush.
Ambassador Rooney contends that Pope Francis should focus
on saving souls—not the planet.

Beverly Fernandez
Spokesperson Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump.
In May, A Canadian environmental assessment concludes burying hazardous nuclear material near the shore of Lake Huron in a deep underground bunker is the best way to deal with the waste.

Sam Barnwell
Mackinac Marine Rescue Officer-in-Charge.
A new emergency response boat being used by the Mackinac
Marine Rescue team is helping save lives in and around Mackinac Island.

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