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Wednesday, April 27, 2016 Hour 3 Complete

May 6, 2016

Neal Bascomb 

An award winning and New York Times bestselling author, Neil is an expert on historical warfare precedents and can offer insightful commentary on current international and military events, special-force operations, and the modern-day nuclear threat posed by foreign states and terrorist groups. His new book: The Winter Fortress thematically delves into the historical precedents associated with the nuclear warfare of WWII. Additionally, Paramount Pictures recently acquired film rights to Sabotage, a young-adult companion edition to The Winter Fortress, and signed Michael Bay to produce and potentially direct this film adaptation of the novel.  

Patrick Lenihan 
Global Communications & Public Affairs at Google Inc. It can be hard for small businesses to manage all of the opportunities available to them to grow their businesses online. To make things easier, Google will be partnering with local business organizations across the country to host hundreds of free, in-person workshops for National Small Business Week (May 1-7) 

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