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Steve Gruber, It is remarkable that Anthony Fauci and Team Apocalypse are saddled up again and riding back up Covid Mountain now that the mid-term Elections are over

November 23, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am an anti- socialist  


Here are three big things you need to know right now—


ONE— US intelligence agencies are pushing back now—on the idea that the Chinese have set up police stations of their own in the United States—


TWO— The Support for gun control is falling and that means another progressive dream is fading at least for now—and this trend has been going on for awhile—


THREE— It is remarkable that Anthony Fauci and Team Apocalypse are saddled up again and riding back up Covid Mountain now that the mid-term Elections are over—


That’s right they are ready to plant their flag of government control of you and your health right in your front yard just in time for Thanksgiving—


The good news is that Aunt Karen may not make it for dinner if you refuse your 5th or sixth booster before the holidays and that is something to be thankful for—


But what I am trying to understand is why they are working so hard to push Covid booster injections—and faux vaccines—when they have been such a complete failure—


I mean do you think Aunt Karen even knows the Chinese refuse to give the mRNA injections to any of its more than 1 billion citizens? Do you think there might be a reason—they are not interested in Pfizer or Moderna when it comes to keeping its people safe and alive? I mean China happily steals technology from every country in the world without concern—BUT they want nothing to do with the pet project of Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates—why do you think that is?


And it looks to me like the ‘declare an emergency and lockdown for any reason crowd’ – is just itching to find some reason to do it all over again—I mean they were hoping to declare a climate crisis but unfortunately they had to call in the New York national guard to help dig out from a historic early November snowstorm that came with temperatures in the teens from Madison to Massachusetts instead—


So suddenly they are back on the path to Covid-Topia—a place where the left can issue any ridiculous demands it wants while screaming ‘its all about the science’ at the top is their collective lungs—even though the vast majority of America and the rest of the world stopped listening a long time ago—


At least this time around the FDA won’t be issuing factually challenged Tweets on a regular basis—that were clearly more rooted in propaganda than science—and are now the focus of investigations that will be launched by the incoming GOP House majority—that believe the agency convinced millions of people of factually untrue declartions—


One of the most egregious violations of trust came with the ‘you are not a horse’ Tweet that was aimed to convince you that Ivermectin was a drug for Horses and cows—when in fact the inventors won the Nobel prize in Medicine for the discovery in 2015—and it has been used safely for decades longer than that!

The anti-parisite in fact is exactly what I took when I was deathly ill with Covid just after Christmas of 2021—and within 8 hours was almost symptom free—yes—after taking the FDA attacked treatment I was healthy as a horse—maybe that’s what they actually meant to say—


But none of that matters now—because there is a new concerted effort to convince you that anything less than fully vaccinated with 2 jabs and at least a couple more boosters you  might as well make your funeral arrangements—


And don’t you dare ask about young men dying from myocarditis or why—because it could not possibly come from an untested injection that is not a traditional vaccine in any fashion—its just not possible that some untested injection could injure or kill people.


I mean its not like Thalidomide—that was mass marketed to help women sleep and control morning sickness caused more than 10,000 children to be born without arms and legs in the 1950’s and 60’s—and caused hundreds of thousands more to die from miscarriages— Oh wait, that is exactly what happened—and the drug was pushed globally into 46 countries so the actual numbers could be far higher and far more disastrous— and the Pharmaceutical company behind the drug pushed it—all the way into the 1980’s in countries like Spain even though its devastating impacts were well documented—


So excuse me—if I don’t blindly buy into any of this hype anymore—or the constant refrain of you will be safer if you take this mRNA injection—that we know little about its long term effects— My answer is no—Hell no—no matter how hard they push—

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