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Steve Gruber, Will they call witnesses in the trial of Donald Trump or not?

January 31, 2020

I’m here to tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts—if that’s going to be a problem— you will need to toughen up!


I’m Steve Gruber God Bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show— Thursday January 30th 2020—


Here are 3 big things you need to know right now


Number 3— Super Bowl 54 will see more than $6 Billion get wagered—as the Chiefs and 49ers vie for the title of World Champions—and for one lucky ticket holder in Florida—a simple wager on a Powerball ticket really paid off—


Number 2— The USMCA is now officially signed—and the President took a well deserved victory lap—with stops in Michigan and then a major rally in Iowa—just days before Democrat voters will likely crown Bernie Sanders as the official front runner—


Number 1— Will they call witnesses in the trial of Donald Trump or not? It will be a very close call in the end—will Mitt Romney and Susan Collins throw their support to the Democrats to extend the impeachment trial—possibly for weeks—or will tomorrow see it finally come to a merciful end? We don’t know—


276 days until the Election—they vote in Iowa on Monday

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