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Steve Gruber, The trail back to Wuhan is becoming quite well worn by those in search of the origins of the worldwide Sars CoV-2 virus

June 29, 2021

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice—and I tell the truth everyday—which scares the hell out of liberals every single day—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are three big Things you need to know right now—


Three— Americans are leaving unemployment lines far faster in states that dumped the extra federal money for those out of work—and its helping those states get back to work—and rebuild what was lost—


Two— A huge ruling in favor of Facebook—as a federal judge tosses an anti-trust complaint out—BUT make no mistake the sins of the big tech companies and social media giants is not being forgotten—



One— The trail back to Wuhan is becoming quite well worn by those in search of the origins of the worldwide Sars CoV-2 virus—that triggered the pandemic—blamed for millions of deaths—


Among those being looked at of course is Anthony Fauci—who has a reputation in dire need of repair—Fauci is appearing more and more like a media darling and less like any kind of scientist—or infectious disease expert any of us should have ever listened to—


In fact with each passing day—it seems ever more likely that he should be fired at a minimum—and maybe should face a critical investigation—into the money he sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology—and who else knew what was going on—


Anthony Fauci was not working on all of these project by himself—he was involved with others—others that had financial interest in how it all played out—


Government grants were up for grabs—patents were being reviewed—and then the really big payoff—the biggest of all—a vaccine—an experimental vaccine that could save the world—and generate tens of billions of dollars—


But do you think he realized—the Chinese had been developing these virus strains that could attack certain ethnic groups or races—while not affecting others nearly as much—did he realize the Delta variant—and others like it—could continue to evolve—creating more havoc? Of course he did—he knew because that has been his expertise for more than 40 years—


But why is the American news media—sitting this one out? Do they not want a Pulitzer prize for doing the investigative story of our lifetime?


Strange—But it is the Australians—just like Gordon Chang and I discussed last week—the Australians—that have been digging through the dirt—finding the clues and connecting the dots—that again all lead back to just one place—Wuhan—and there is one American that was connected there more than anyone—Anthony Fauci—


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