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Steve Gruber, The tone-deaf tour for Joe Biden and the Socialists continued on Wednesday

September 15, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am a radical MAGA American extremist— AND I have heard enough! The radical Green New Dealers and those that think your gender is determined by the pants you wear or the color of your hair—are done here—we will prevail!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—

ONE— The Washington Post has turned the coverage of the Queens death into demands for reparations and lectures on racism—not the 70 years she was a leader in the Free World—

TWO— Sweden’s leftist, globalist Prime Minister has been sent running for the exit—after anti-immigration Pro- Sweden First right wing parties beat them in the elections—first time in decades—

THREE— The tone-deaf tour for Joe Biden and the Socialists continued on Wednesday—Joe Biden took time to go tour the Detroit Auto Show—even though he’s never had enough time to tour the Southern Border—But I digress—


What is more embarrassing though—is that Joe Biden and the Democrats are trying very hard to gaslight the American people and convince us—that despite inflation on food, housing and transportation—rising at rates not seen since the 1970’s and the overall inflation rate at 8.3% that somehow they are doing a great job helping America’s working families and ordinary folks everywhere—

The Victory Tour for the American Rescue Plan, The Chips Act, The Inflation Reduction Act—and giving away a Trillion dollars to erase student loan debts—began at the White House on Tuesday—and even the President’s biggest cheerleaders in the media were rightfully horrified by the spectacle—as they were all talking about how great the job is they are doing—while more than 60% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck—many unable to put enough food on the table—while also seeing the spiraling cost of rent and utilities too—

Well that misguided victory lap as I said ended up in Detroit on Wednesday—as Joe Biden spent time drooling on and sitting in luxury cars almost no one in this country can afford—OR maybe he was just drooling because he’s 80 years old, suffering from dementia and his meds were off—I don’t know BUT that is certainly possible too—

Biden was flanked by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer—who has always been ridin with Biden—her words of course—BUT right now the country is in real economic trouble and with major strikes by rail workers and those that unload ships on the West Coast—Whitmer is a rare breed as most Democrats run from being seen with Biden—

And the really strange part—is that the Socialists—just don’t seem to care if people are hurting—they blow right past that—and keep pushing the gaslighting—with no end in sight—


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