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Steve Gruber, The full court press is on the attack on voting rights in America is hitting hyper speed and hyper ventilation for the Democrat

January 19, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice—God Bless America this is the Steve Gruber Show—

FIERCE AND FEARLESS in pursuit of the truth each and every day—if you can’t handle the truth—this may not be for you!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—


ONE— Well I am going to start with some really bad news for some really bad men—Ghislaine Maxwell has not committed suicide—and says she will no longer protect the black book—


TWO— The Notorious Ray Epps—the one-time America’s Most wanted top ten celebrity—for his actions on January 6th—is going to leave his Arizona farm and testify in D-C—


THREE— The full court press is on—the attack on voting rights in America is hitting hyper speed and hyper ventilation for the Democrats—who have now realized America is rejecting the radical agenda of no voter I-D—mass mail in ballots—ballot harvesting and all the rest—


The brow beatings the name calling—the smiling and smearing and the shaming—are all failing to persuade anyone to join the failing cause—


Americans do not want their elections controlled from Washington DC—no matter how shrill Chuck Schumer or Chuck Todd get the answer is no—


No matter how stupid Joe Scarborough or Joe Biden get in trying to call those that oppose destroying voting integrity racists and white supremacists—America is not buying it—and voters are not budging on the subject—


The Democrats lust for power is in overdrive anyway—BUT it is not working—at least not so far—


You are truly witnessing the death throws of a political party in America—Democrats have finally gone so far out of the mainstream—they will soon go the way of the Whig Party—they will be an important—but soon to be irrelevant footnote in history books—


Liberal commentators will continue to increase the volume—but as they do—they are only increasing the acceleration of the end of the line—for the socialists—the central planners the narcisissists of leftist thought in America—


America believes in Freedom—and this new American Revolution and embrace of Liberty is being led by Hispanic and Black voters—and that should tell you everything you need to know—the elitist white liberal—will soon be an extirpated species—and Karens will be a mythical villain—tossed in the trash heap of history—


We are winning my friends—we are winning—and you can tell by how much the leftists in this nation are trying to steal your right to an honest election—the evidence is all right in front of you—and there is more every single day—

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