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Steve Gruber, The failures of Joe Biden are stacking up faster than bodies of illegals in the Rio Grande these days

September 22, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am an anti- communist by trade—I was raised to understand the destruction of Socialists over time and the bodies they left behind—that’s why I fight for America every single day!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—

ONE— Joe Biden teetered into the United Nations to discuss climate change and the war in Ukraine—but honestly—does anyone actually care what he has to say anymore?

TWO— Donald Trump is targeted by the A-G of New York—with get this—a civil lawsuit—for again—get this—defrauding the biggest banks in the world—no criminal charges after 3 years—and if the banks had an issue—they would have done it first—


THREE— The failures of Joe Biden are stacking up faster than bodies of illegals in the Rio Grande these days—


Here is the short list of the abject failures of the Biden Administration— trust me—I could spend hours with a much more detailed review—but we only have 3 hours today—so I will get to as many as possible—


I will start here—


First—the economy—Joe Biden and the Socialists began by attacking the energy sector and cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline on day one and the quickly started flooding America with truckloads of cash—which caused gas and oil to soar—and the worst inflation in four decades was soon to follow—


Second— Joe Biden and his lieutenants opened the southern border—which has never seen the kind of numbers we’re seeing now when it comes to the unprecedented invasion of illegals—when Barack Obama was President—about 300,000 a year got in—Under Joe Biden that many are coming over the border in just 6 to 8 weeks and it’s not slowing down— in fact it might be picking up—and don’t forget the special bonus deliveries of fentanyl and other deadly poisons flowing in too—


Third— There is an explosion in violent crime that is being fueled by soft on crime prosecutors and policies that allow killers to walk out of jail with little or no bail—plus that full frontal assault that is the whole defund the police movement—it literally has blood running in the streets—


And like I said—these are just a few of the items—that give this President the worst grade of any President in my lifetime—he is incompetent and incontinent—they may not be related but maybe they should be—because a lot of Americans have crapped their pants looking at the prices in the grocery store—


So lets begin there—


But despite trying to gaslight the American population—by lying over and over again—the economy was not in good shape—and inflation was not transitory—and now we are in real trouble—a recession—a long deep recession is the only thing that will stop it now—and it all comes from Bidens terrible policies—and grossly inexcusable spending—


Meanwhile down on the border—things are getting worse almost every day—


Last week Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—exposed the dishonest liberal Democrats for who they really are—by sending 50 illegal aliens to the Lilly White—Uber-Rich far left fantasy island better known as Martha’s Vineyard—and suddenly—the people cheering for open borders and sanctuary cities were screaming that DeSantis was a human trafficker and a kidnapper—and now some of the Venezuelans that ended up on Martha’s Vineyard have filed a lawsuit against DeSantis—saying they were tricked to go there—




These folks without a penny to their names that cannot speak English, were able to turn around a file a lawsuit claiming they were treated unfairly by going to one of the richest pieces of real estate in the whole world—yeah—how awful is that? 


The only bad part is when the lilly white Karen-Crowd realized they were not there to work for minimum wage to cut the grass and clean the house—they panicked and kicked them off the Socialist fantasy island—


What’s weird however is that they are here at all—I mean this whole border thing is secure—that’s what the entire administration keeps saying anyway—and they have for a long time—

Something else that’s really strange is the inability for Joe Biden or his hand-picked border czar—VP Kamala Harris to find a map—


I mean neither one seems able to find Texas and go see for themselves what everyone is so upset about—

And one more major catastrophe—is the surging waves of violent and deadly crime—that is leaving bodies scattered all over America—


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