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Steve Gruber, The Border Crisis gets moved to the back burner over and over again

June 30, 2021

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice—and I tell the truth everyday—which scares the hell out of liberals every single day—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are three big Things you need to know right now—


Three— Tucker Carlson— is the focus of illegal spying by the NSA he says—and he says he can prove it—and if he’s right—which is likely—that means they are watching all of us on the right—


Two— The Border Crisis gets moved to the back burner over and over again—but with tens of thousands—adding up to millions of illegal aliens streaming into the country—its never too far away—


One— Joe Biden took a trip out of the White House basement on Tuesday—and travelled to Wisconsin—where he was pitching his alleged infrastructure package—the one he first embraced because it was put together over several weeks by Democrats and Republicans alike—and then said it was tied directly to a massive $6 Trillion dollar end of America spending blitz—that not one Republican will ever support—and then said he really did support it—


Well in Wisconsin—we learned a lot more about what Joe Biden really wants for America—and for you—and I can tell you—none of it is good—


First of all he wants a lot more government handouts—direct payments to millions of Americans—in fact as many as he possibly can—because lets be honest—buying votes is easier than cheating—especially if people are looking for the shady election tricks—


So—Biden and his puppet masters have to decide how much they can get out of you and the rest of us—and how much power they can grab onto—so don’t kid yourself—they will be coming back for the $6 Trillion dollars—


When they do they have some very big plans—they want to dictate several aspects about your life—and when nobody was paying attention yesterday in Wisconsin—Old Joe snuck it in right on cue—


What they really want to take away is your freedom—


They want to decide if what you say is hate speech—they want to make sure you cannot own a gun—they want to tell your children how terrible America is—even if you disagree—


Democrats feel like they missed a big chance during Barack Obama’s first two years in office—and now they are doing everything they can to impact elections—redistribute wealth—divide people into the smallest groups possible—all while selling out to giant corporations—including big tech and social media—and they are also selling out to China— 


But the target on your God given freedoms—has some much bigger prizes—

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