The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, The all out war on President Trump

February 28, 2020

Welcome to the Debate EXTENDED After Party!—There is a lot to sort out—So let’s get to it— I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—


Three— Attorney General William Barr says it is time to stop the anti-cop bias that is found all over this country— and cited disturbing facts about the number of officers assaulted and killed over the past few years—


Two— Wall Street had another blood bath on Thursday because of Virus fear—with an all time record setting drop—of nearly 1200 points—the market has now lost more than 10% in just 3 days—and is officially in correction territory—how long will it last—


And Number One— The all out war on President Trump—to turn the Corona Virus into the Katrina Virus— continues—with despicable attacks on Trump—as Democrats with no other message are trying to blame him for the spread of the illness—which really has little or nothing to do with The President

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