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Steve Gruber, More voter fraud tied to mail in balloting and ballot harvesting

September 30, 2020

HOUR 2— LIVE FROM—THE NO PANIC ZONE— I AM AMERICA’S VOICE—I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America—This is the Steve Gruber Show— 43 DAYS UNTIL THE ELECTION—


Here are Three Big Things you need to know right now—


Three— More voter fraud tied to mail in balloting and ballot harvesting—this time in Texas—where a Biden campaign operative has been charged with with illegally harvesting ballots—with the intent of impacting the election—


Two— Newly released emails and evidence point to Hillary Clinton giving the greenlight to the bogus Russian Dossier story that dogged President Trump for more than 4 years now—in fact we are also learning—President Obama and others were also briefed on the matter—


One— Presidential Debate #1 between President Trump and Joe Biden is in the books and its time to take a closer look at the big moments—the big surprises and the moments everyone is talking about today—


What was the big takeaway for you—drop me a line and let me know—


Who won?


The DTE Common Sense Hotline is open too—


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