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Steve Gruber, Lets face it, the Republicans under-performed in a bunch of places Tuesday

November 10, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am an anti- socialist  


Here are three big things you need to know right now—


ONE— Smoking weed for fun and excitement—has now become legal for another 12 million Americans—as more states join the Gangite Tribe—


TWO— In Oregon—a ballot measure is passed that is almost certain to get knocked down by the Supreme Court—BUT in these deep blue states—they do not care—and they want all the gun control they can get—


THREE— Lets face it—the Republicans under-performed in a bunch of places Tuesday—and with leaders like Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy running the circus—is that really any wonder?


Both of these clowns worked against candidates in their own party—and despite claims to the contrary—the Republican Party in my home state didn’t do candidates a lot of favors either— and honestly after a pretty good run—Ronna McDaniels needs to move on from Chair of the RNC—


However the results in Nevada and Arizona are giving at least a little bit of light back to the Red Team—after Wisconsin was officially put into the Republican win column along with Alaska—it means that controlling the Senate is still not out of the question—and honestly—lets just pray for any 2 out of 3 in Nevada, Arizona and Georgia—


And there are other bright spots, I mean Liz Cheney has been put out to pasture—hopefully her dad doesn’t stumble out with a shotgun to finish the job—


It will take a little more time—but so far at least 10 of the Republicans that voted to impeach President Trump with no witnesses and no evidence are gone—and speaking of that—nearly half of the J-6 committee got flipped to Red on Tuesday too—I’ll bet you didn’t realize that—


And the guy in charge of getting Democrats elected to Congress got booted out of the House, Sean Patrick Maloney—another self-righteous lefty—is now soon to be unemployed—so that’s nice—


What is strange though—is that in some places—Democrats are taking tiny razor thin wins, to declare mandates and the intention of ramming radical agendas right down everyone’s throats—like red flag laws to disarm as many people as possible—even if they’ve done nothing wrong—and at the same time rewarding criminals for their behavior by busting them out without a penny in bail or a hope in hell it will improve anything for anyone living in this country—


You can sit there and scream it was rigged—and maybe that happened in some places—BUT it doesn’t look that way in Georgia for example—I mean Governor Kemp cruised to a 9 point win—and Republicans dominated statewide—just not in the Senate race which is now headed to a December 6th runoff—


I will say one thing about rigging the election though—and that is how the Census was manipulated in 2020—to keep more new House seats from going to Florida and Texas—while protecting seats in New York and California—that we now know—do not match the actual populations of those states and others—


BUT like always when Democrats pull these kinds of political stunts—they do it in places where nothing can be done to change it—and that is true for the Census—its wrong, they admit it’s wrong—BUT we can’t fix it—so it will be this way for 10 long years—


What else happened?


Several states put abortion on the ballot, one way or another and it pushed Gen-Z voters to the polls—look for a lot more of that in 2024—I mean it worked to turn out the left wing vote in Michigan—so they will try it in other states now too—


And what about the pollsters? 


Boy did they lose on this night again—I mean how many polls did you see predicting as many as 40 something House seats getting picked up? Most pundits also picked 2 to 4 seats in the Senate going to the Republicans—BUT remember—incumbent Senators from both parties have a re-elect rate above 90 percent—its really hard to get them out of the deep swamp when they are so far down—


So now—we have to wait for some late numbers—and hope that the GOP has enough in the tank to hold off a socialist free for all— we will be better off of it—and one thing about a thin majority in the House—is that it only takes a few actual Conservatives to reject Kevin McCarthy for the job of Speaker—


And on Wednesday Joe Biden—even took a victory lap—and honestly, why wouldn’t he—I mean except that he is incoherent and incompetent most of the time— and has wrecked the economy and allowed the Chinese Communist Party to have undue influence all over this country—BUT I digress—


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