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Steve Gruber, Ida has delivered a wicked blow to Louisiana arriving as a vicious Category 4 hurricane on Sunday

August 30, 2021

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice—God Bless America this is the Steve Gruber Show—FIERCE AND FEARLESS – And delivering the cold hard truth—even if it hurts your feelings—


Here are 3 big things you need to know right now—


Three— When the Taliban raced into Kabul last week—Secretary of State Antony Blinken—was on a luxurious vacation in the Hamptons— enjoying the high life—while Americans were in peril—


Two— Joe Biden sent some drone strikes into Afghanistan—in a too little too late gesture—as his Presidency is in crisis—and 13 U-S military families will soon be receiving their dead— after the terrorist attack in Kabul—


One— Ida—a monster big enough to take us away from President Biden’s gross incompetence in the exit from Afghanistan—has delivered a wicked blow to Louisiana—arriving as a vicious Category 4 hurricane on Sunday—


The storm roared in delivering furious sustained winds of 150 miles per hour—and some guests were expected to hit 190 miles per hour—


The massive storm rolled in on August 26th—16 years to the day Katrina delivered a devastating blow in nearly the exact location—



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