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Steve Gruber, I want to congratulate the Democrats first and foremost today for a remarkable, unprecedented and speedy success on the Green New Deal

November 21, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am an anti- socialist  


Here are three big things you need to know right now—


ONE— Donald Trump is a Free Bird now on Twitter—after a poll taken by Elon Musk—said yes—reinstate the former President—But after 22 months—will he be back?


TWO— In Congress—the Grim Reaper is coming for some committee chairs and more—as Schiff, Omar and Swalwell could soon find themselves on the sidelines—


THREE— I want to congratulate the Democrats first and foremost today for a remarkable, unprecedented and speedy success on the Green New Deal—


Because its quite clear from the weather over the past few days the Dems have delivered a absolute miracle and ended Global Warming!


I am not sure the folks in Buffalo are all that thrilled that the left was able to stop climate change so quickly and so effectively however— and as a result some are now digging out from 6 and a half feet of snow delivered in just one blast—with more on the way— 


I think it time for the people of the deep blue states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York to thank their lucky stars that the deep freeze is starting early and saving the planet—now don’t let the fact that heating oil, natural gas and propane have skyrocketed in price—and it means the early blast of ice cold weather and heavy snow—means people will be paying a lot more just to keep warm—BUT that’s what they wanted right?


I mean arctic cold is the key to mankind surviving past the year 2030—I mean Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said so—so it has to be true right?


Well, it has been 10 years now since the extent of Arctic Sea ice was at the lowest amount recorded—and despite all the declarations that every year is hotter than the last, it appears that could not possibly be true—because if it was we would have less ice every year and that is not what’s been happening.


In fact there is far more ice right now than compared to 2018, 2019 and 2020 at the same time—and 2022 is running about even with last years ice pack—so I am going to go ahead and not panic.


I am sure however that John Kerry will continue to circle the globe in his monstrous private plane spewing plenty of greenhouse gases while trying to gaslight the rest of us about the end of the world.


Meanwhile the people in Buffalo and all over Western New York won’t have time to listen to Kerry gaslighting all of us because the newly re-elected Governor Kathy Hochul, another propagandist for the Green New Deal will be helping those that are snowed into their homes or cannot find their cars under several feet of snow, by declaring an emergency and calling in the National Guard.


Several people were killed by Mother Natures opening salvo for the winter of 2022/23—but I am positive that somehow the left will of course preach from the mountaintop that massive snowstorms and temperatures in the teens are a sure sign of the end of the world. It’s also my fault for being a climate denier and because I drove my pickup truck over the weekend.


I wonder what will become of those climate deniers in Buffalo and Europe—that are likely going to sit in the cold during blackouts this winter. I wonder what will happen to the champions of the Green New Steal—when they too are shivering and wondering what they are going to do if the winter continues this way.


Do you think any of these energy deniers will come around and admit—that we need energy, American energy to overcome the challenges we are facing right now.


There is one surefire way to get America back on track and save millions from sitting in the dark and the cold from Lake Ontario to Lake Geneva and that is to open up the vast quantities of American energy for us and for our friends around the world.


We are not subject to any energy whim or that make believe notion that somehow we are better off buying dirty oil from Saudi Arabia or Venezuela. The idea that windmills, that often sit quietly not turning in the winter doldrums or the solar panels that are often far less effective under the gray skies of winter are somehow the answer to high costs and inconsistent energy production, is just false.


We need energy density and there is nothing more energy dense and time tested than the hydro-carbons America has in Spades.


I know it won’t happen yet because Republicans failed to create the Red Wave we were all looking forward to this year—but the capture of the House   the Red Teamplus very good math for the GOP in 2024 means we can hopefully stop the bleeding and prevent AOC and Bernie Sanders from imposing their insidious and frankly preposterous energy plans on us any longer.


What we need is blanket protection against the whims of politicians both from this country and around the world. We provide ourselves with that protection by maximizing American energy production, not by punishing the companies and the people that make that possible.


Its time America and the misguided Green New Dealers warm up to the idea of energy independence again. Otherwise, this will be just the first in a series of long hard winters that will destroy the overstated ‘Climate Emergency’ scam. Leave families devastated trying to choose between inflation driven prices at the grocery store, filling the car or heating the house.


The long hard economic winter could last for several years if we fail to act and act soon. 


You have been warned.


So now we can turn to some other important headlines— how about White House corruption?


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