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Steve Gruber, Elite White Liberals are living on an island and nobody else is welcome well not for very long anyway

September 19, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am a radical MAGA American extremist— AND I have heard enough! The radical Green New Dealers and those that think your gender is determined by the pants you wear or the color of your hair—are done here—we will prevail!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—

ONE— The funeral for the Queen—is finally set to happen—those paying their last respects for the longest serving British Monarch—actually stood in line for as long as 18 hours—

TWO— The predictions for the mid-term elections keeps getting shined up by the left wing pundits—but it seems to be pretty optimistic at a time—when people really are not— and new polling from Trafalgar says something different too—

THREE— Elite White Liberals—are living on an island—and nobody else is welcome—well not for very long anyway—


The left is on this island—where they proclaim that they are compassionate and caring—and beyond their control out here in the wild untamed lands of America—there are dangerous elements of White Supremacy—White Nationalism and even Domestic Terrorists—that are ready to tear down the very Republic in which we live— these monsters they tell us are fascists—and are on a hair trigger to burn the place down—


Except it seems the news travelling to the nearly all white Island of left wing demagogues is traveling slow these days—it seems the island is cut off from reality—


On the ideological island the left-wing Socialist Democrats led by Joe Biden in the White House proclaim—that the economy is thriving— despite runaway inflation, nearly 2/3rds of all American’s living paycheck to paycheck and child poverty rates rising above 17% this year—

The left-wing Socialist Democrats declare they have saved America by spending Trillions of dollars and plunging us into a recession that is going to get far worse before it ever gets better—in fact coming this week the Fed is expected to jack up interest rates again—by at least three quarters of a point and maybe a full percentage point—we will have to wait and see— but either way it will further slow the economy and inflict economic pain on America’s Middle and lower classes—that are least likely to deal with it well—


Last week the left-wing Socialist Democrats started taking victory laps on the very day that inflation year over year was pegged at 8.3% and the price of food was up 13.5% --the biggest jump since May of 1979—


The left-wing Socialist Democrats are truly living on an island—far removed from the mainland and any sense of reality—they seem to be surrounded by an ocean of former news outlets and social media sites willing to keep the truth far away from their shores— and keep everyone afloat on a sea of lies and lit up daily by powerful gaslighting—


BUT the erosion of that security is beginning to show itself— AND the danger to the Democrats is pretty clear—if they cannot keep the truth from reaching its shores and it invades their well insulated island— it means it will reach mainstream America too—which frankly it likely already has—


The move by Republican Governors like Greg Abbot in Texas and Doug Ducey in Arizona—to send buses of illegal aliens to places like New York City, Washington DC, Chicago and now Philadelphia has really shown these people for who they are—charlatans—the liberals for the most part in America are complete frauds— 

I mean they were on TV declaring sending illegals to one of the wealthiest places on earth was somehow cruel—maybe—but only because they were told they weren’t welcome there— that the folks with 8 and 9 figure net worth amounts—just couldn’t spare any room for the downtrodden? That was pretty cruel I agree—


I guess if you’re not cutting the grass, polishing the silver or cooking dinner as a minority—you really aren’t welcome on Martha’s Vineyard—take your Spanish and your brown skin and get the hell outta here—



It took less than 48 hours to clean up the streets of the Vineyard—and to make sure the riff-raff from south of the border was safely back on the mainland—so those living on the island could resume their life of make believe—


Where they make believe they care about others that are less fortunate than themselves—where they can make believe they are compassionate and are willing to care for other human beings—where they can make believe they care about anything other than themselves—and their own selfish self interest—


They proclaim how they are the virtuous ones but prove daily that is far from the truth— 


Those 50 illegals sent to the island courtesy of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who said after more than 70 packed flights were sent to his state by the Biden Administration—it was time to share the wealth— 



And you would have thought those who have multi-million dollar summer homes with yards decorated with signs proclaiming “no human can be illegal” and “we support sanctuary cities” – would step up—you would have been very wrong—


NIMBY is an old acronym that means, not in my backyard—BUT now it means something new— and more specific—

Because now it means, Not in Martha’s backyard—

Because the virtue signaling elitists living on Martha’s Vineyard—turned out they had a lot more whine than cheese when it came to taking care of just 50 people— 

And they think the poor border towns in America should clean up the mess—and if they don’t its only because they are angry White Supremacists and likely Domestic terrorists—


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