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Ron Rademacher, Around Michigan - Introduction to Norwegian Skijoring

March 27, 2019

Ron Rademacher - Travel Writer, Author, Speaker, Story Teller, and a Guy,Who Holds The Record For Getting Lost On The Back Roads Of Michigan.


Around Michigan



TAHQUAMENON FALLS – Introduction to Norwegian Skijoring
Ski Driving – You put on cross-country skis, a waist belt and harness yourself to a dog with a bungee leash and off you go. The dogs are loving it.

MARQUETTE - Beekeeping Conference - This conference is dedicated to the special challenge of keeping honey bees in Northern climates. Workshops are offered for the general public.


BELLAIRE - Grass River Natural Area - Tapping Maple Trees for Maple Syrup Program at Grass River Natural Area on Saturday at 11 am to learn the art of tapping a maple tree. Learn traditional and modern methods.


GRAND RAPIDS – The Butterflies are here. Meijer Gardens Annual exhibition is the largest temporary tropical butterfly exhibition in the nation. Tropical butterflies from around the world fly freely in Conservatory.

ASHLEY - Spring Birding Tour - Maple River State Game Area Highlights include diving ducks in full breeding plumage, trumpeter and tundra swans, osprey, bald eagles, sandhill cranes! Sometimes there is a sneak peek driving tour into areas that are normally closed.

ROCHESTER – Museum at Van Heusen Farm - Friday - NATURE GETAWAYS SHOW
– Featuring the TRILLIUM RAVINE - Tickets are still available

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