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Steve Gruber, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis puts a spotlight on the wide open southern border and the damage it is doing to cities and states across the nation

September 21, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am a radical MAGA American extremist— AND I have heard enough! The radical Green New Dealers and those that think your gender is determined by the pants you wear or the color of your hair—are done here—we will prevail!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—

ONE— Democrats refuse to hear any evidence of Hunter Biden getting wealthy off his family name-- and cashing in on shady deals—it seems there are two justice systems in America—which one do you belong to?

TWO— A Perfect storm is still brewing that could create an energy shortage like we have never seen before—a Natural Gas shortage could still meet a rail strike—that is far from certain to be avoided—


THREE— I am going to begin today once again on the glaring spotlight Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put on the wide open southern border—and the damage it is doing to cities and states across the nation— 


But more importantly—the damage it is doing to real people—the people that are dying to get here—and the people that are getting killed when some of them do—the price being paid on all sides of the border crisis—is high, very high—


More than 2 million illegals have been arrested already this year—and the numbers of those flooding over the border is not slowing down—the invasion comes with death and destruction in those places—

In a bold move last week—DeSantis packed 50 Venezuelan illegals on two small planes and sent them to the playground of the elitist Liberals—mostly self-righteous—sanctimonious White Liberals— Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts—

And while the left just loves to hear themselves talk about how wonderful they are—and how they are in pursuit of social justice against their White Supremacist Republican opponents—the move by DeSantis tore that fake veneer clean off—


It only took the Islanders about 36 hours to kick the Spanish speaking brown skinned folks off the island that is home to James Taylor, Dianne Sawyer, Barack Obama—and a host of other far left fanatics—they claimed that while more than 10,000 summer homes sat empty after Labor Day—they were suffereing a housing crisis—and just could not house 50 people who were found homeless and wandering in need of help—


Then the elitist Socialists—started calling Republicans names—and singled out DeSantis as some sort of criminal who was cruel by sending the 50 migrants to the playground of the socialist Rich and Famous— and he found time to respond to the insanity of such comments—


The price of those coming across the border is far higher than anyone can even realize right now—


Already in 2022—78 people on the FBI’s terror watch list have been arrested trying to illegally enter the country—that is three times more than the last 5 years combined—let me say that again—that is 3 times higher than the 26 members of the terror watch list arrested from 2017 until 2021—a 5 year period—


And those that are paying with their lives? Well, those stories can be found all over America—its sad—and Joe Biden and his team of Social Justice Warriors don’t care one bit about the justice for Americans that are killed and their families that are left to clean up the after math—


Over the weekend—a 24 year old Sheriff’s Deputy in Colorado Alexis Hein-Nutz—was on her way to work—when an illegal alien, driving drunk slammed into her car—and killed her on the spot—the suspect had been deported twice before—but was back in the country no problem—


When the press yelled out questions to President Biden on Tuesday—he said they didn’t understand what he was dealing with—you see the open border—according to his addled brain is somehow different—because many of those leading the invasion over the border are from different countries—as if that makes any sense at all—


And he is right about one thing—things are different now—because we have never seen a border so completely wide open as we have since pathetic Joe Biden and his cast of socialists invaded the West Wing—they want this to happen—they are making this happen—they are allowing this to happen—


One other thing that is finally changing—is the national news media—is finally realizing how bad this all is—and realizing they are partially to blame—because they have ben hiding it for so very long—Maybe they are realizing that America dies in darkness or that we, the American people are going to rightfully hold them responsible for failing to do their jobs—and simply report and tell the truth—BUT whatever the reason—they are finally starting to drop the dime on the Biden Administration—and telling the truth about the Border Crisis—that they have caused—


The politics of the moment are also shifting—again—I give credit to Governor Ron DeSantis—for his bold and brilliant move—to send just 50 people to Martha’s Vineyard to show the utter hypocrisy of who these far left virtue signaling imbeciles really are—he nailed them—


He exposed the socialist liars just like they were cockroaches in the light—they ran like hell from the illegals they claim to care so much about—and kicked them off their little Fantasy Island—because they were not there to cook, clean and cut the grass—so those brown people needed to go and go fast—


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