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Steve Gruber, When bullies and tyrants get a taste of their own medicine, they usually don’t like it

September 16, 2022

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—I am America’s Voice— I am a radical MAGA American extremist— AND I have heard enough! The radical Green New Dealers and those that think your gender is determined by the pants you wear or the color of your hair—are done here—we will prevail!


Here are three big things you need to know right now—

ONE— Fact checking the truth about the IRS and who really gets targeted for audits and other abuse—and let me tell you something it’s the little guy better than 5 to 1…

TWO— While Joe Biden continues his Tone Deaf victory tour—3.7 million more kids slipped into poverty to start this year—pushing the rate to over 17% -- and Joe says this is a great economy? On what planet genius?

THREE— When bullies and tyrants get a taste of their own medicine—they usually don’t like it—that has been clear lately with ever louder and ever more shrill screaming from the left when a few illegal aliens end up in their make believe sanctuary cities and states—


You see when the Governors in Texas and Arizona started shipping illegals by bus to places like New York City—Washington DC and Chicago—they ask for federal help and declare states of emergency—and remember these are a tiny less than one percent fraction of the flood of humanity rolling into Texas and every other border state—


But it was the move by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis this week—that peeled away the socialist veneer and exposed these people for what and who they really are—


You see Governor DeSantis loaded up a pair of planes and sent about 100 illegals to the elitist playground for the Rich and Famous on Martha’s Vineyard—a place where people like Barack Obama has a mansion along with other far left zealots like James Taylor, Rosie O’Donnell, David Letterman, Spike Lee, Carly Simon and Diane Sawyer—each and every one—wildly wealthy and wildly outspoken about the virtues of sanctuary status for lots of places—BUT apparently not their virtuous little slice of paradise—


No, in fact the Democrats in Massachusetts a place that voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden and the dangerous open border policies—are calling Governor DeSantis—DeSatan—and screaming like smashed cats that he is evil and inhumane!


Really? He sent them to a wealthy island paradise—how on earth could that not be better than Brownsville, Laredo or even San Antonio? You would think with their yard signs supporting sanctuary status and claiming how welcoming they are—would jump up with open arms and celebrate the arrival of a few dozen folks from Venezuela—and some from a few other desperate places—


I mean the Vineyard only has about 17,000 year round residents—and the majority of the homes are just summer homes—so they must have plenty of places for people sho don’t speak English and we know almost nothing about—


I mean what is the problem here folks? No person can be illegal right? So, let them in your house—in fact I think the people on Martha’s Vineyard should just stop locking their doors—I mean what is the difference really between a unlocked door and an open border—except for scale?


But I have to report—despite the idea of sanctuary status being great—it just isn’t sounding that way from the people in the Commonwealth—


One thing is certain—Governor DeSantis got the nations attention and certainly got the attention of the wealthy white liberals living on Martha’s Vineyard—did I mention—less than 4 percent of the people living there—on the swanky island— are people of color—I mean talk about white privilege right? This is what they want to talk about on the left White Supremacy and White Nationalism—its what they have right now! And make no mistake they want to keep it that way!

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