The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, The War in the Swamp has escalated

September 27, 2019

Its time to call it a week—crack a cold one and put up your feet—Nah—lets get some work done first— Its the Steve GRUBER show—God Bless America—


And here are 3 BIG things you need to know—


Three— Going green is great—right? Especially for Police cars that are out there to protect us right? Well sure—right up to the point they are in pursuit of a dangerous criminal and the battery dies—and yes that just happened—


Two— President Trump’s EPA just slammed California and all its Environmental Justice Warriors with failing—Failing to protect Fresh water in the state—it’s a big problem—but the Governor is fighting back—


And Number One— The War in the Swamp has escalated—but there really isn’t anything new—just a lot of noise and finger pointing—and very little chance the President would ever be removed from office even if he were impeached—I mean no President has ever been removed—and for what—asking about a conflict with Joe Biden that everyone knew about

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