The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, The disgraced- disbarred former attorney of the President

February 28, 2019

Its time to ferret out the truth from the Swamp-  Its Thursday February 28th 2019—Live from CPAC in National Harbor Maryland- This is the Steve Gruber Show! Here are 3 BIG things you need to know!


Three - Across the Great Lakes Region- folks are seeing the greatest snowfall in at least a generation- maybe two- in fact on the Keewenaw Peninsula in Michigan’s U-P they say it’s the most snow they’ve seen since the 1960’s- oh by the way they are right- in some areas February snowfall is 50 inches above average!


Two - President Trump is in Hanoi Vietnam- working to keep nuclear weapons off the Korean Peninsula- The President is meeting with Kim Jong Un for the second time- both are being treated like rock stars- and they might be making progress in bringing peace and prosperity to the Korean Peninsula- but nobody cares a lot- WHY???


Because Number One - The disgraced- disbarred former attorney of the President- Michael Cohen- returned to Capitol Hill where he previously lied- a lot- was convicted- AND sentenced to 3 years in prison- but never the less he was treated like a super hero by Democrats- who are reading too many dime novels- Preaying they can hang something on Donald Trump- thankfully some were not buying the sham

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