The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, Special counsel Bob Mueller breaks his silence

May 30, 2019

Live from the fortress of freedom in the heart of forgotten America— this is the Steve Gruber show—Thursday May 30th 2019—

—Here are 3 big things you need to know—
three— Bibi loses his grip in Israel—in a shocking move—the Knesset votes to dissolve and set new elections for September 17th —will Netanyahu survive?

Two— Mitch Mcconnel should be called magic mitch—he continues to work behind the scenes filling vacancies on federal courts—and says—don’t kid yourself—if there is an opening on the supreme court next year—he fully intends to fill it—listen the them scream on the left—

And number one—  Special counsel Bob Mueller breaks his silence—after being criticized by people on all sides following his 448 page report on Russian interference into the us elections in 2016—and being threatened with subpoenas by Democrats—and his comments have added gas to the fire—but added nothing to his report—

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