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Steve Gruber, Pandemic pandemonium is continuing and even escalating again in some places

June 30, 2021

Live from the no panic zone—I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America this is the Steve Gruber Show— where common sense is served up fresh every day— FIERCE AND FEARLESS PURSUIT OF THE TRUTH


Here are 3 big things you need to know right now—


Three— Democrats are demanding more confederate statues be torn down—and now they want portraits removed from the halls of Congress too—but they all have something in common—


Two— The search is going slowly in surfside Florida—it has been almost a week now since a 12 story condominium came collapsing into the ground—the death toll is expected to reach well above 150 people—


One— Pandemic pandemonium—is continuing—and even escalating again in some places—as the fear mongers are peddling the Delta variant as the new threat to life as we know it—


But Democrats are refusing to hold hearings on Capital Hill to figure out—where the hell the Sars CoV-2 virus came from—or how it landed on our shores—Thankfully Republicans are not so shy anymore—and they called hearings—and began a formal inquest into the actions of those at the Wuhan Institute of Virology—and how they played with a time bomb—by spinning the Gain of Function roulette wheel inside the lab—


And while Republicans are looking for answers—the fear mongers like TV Docs and other self appointed experts on all things—are pushing the Delta variant narrative as if—we are all going to rn back inside—slap on a mask and double lock the doors—


Let me be very clear—from the heart of Free America—that is not going to happen—you got us to do that exactly one time—And I am among millions who will never do that again—and I don’t care what you try to say—or how you try to scare the crap out of us—


I have celebrated being a free American from the time I was old enough to understand what that meant—my mother and brothers taught me about freedom quite well—my father was more into making sure I knew what that looked like and sounded like—


I am well versed on the writings of Ayn Rand among others—and fully understand the bloody deadly ideology that is communism in all its forms—no matter what you call it—


I was taught to hate collectivism—Maoism—Marxism—and all other hateful dogma—that pitted people of different races and classes against each other—to amuse those in power—while they solidified their stranglehold on entire nations—and sometimes regions—like the Soviet Union did after World War 2—and China is doing right now—


So having explained that—do not try to push panic porn on the pandemic in my direction ever again—I am not buying your snake oil— Or is it—lesser horseshoe bat oil—either way—the answer is no—


So—lets start with Republicans that have the courage to look for the answers the Chinese are trying to hide—lets applaud the Americans who are finally demanding answers—like Australia has been doing for months—


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