The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, Operation Warp Speed - Distribution of the Vaccine

November 25, 2020

THREE— Jeopardy is ready to resume production with Champion Ken Jennings taking over the roll of hosting—in the wake of Alex Trebeks death recently from cancer—it is a brilliant choice—and the Answer is—who is better than any liberal hack like George Stephanopolis?


TWO— The Dow roars past 30,000 for the first time ever—and erases every loss sustained during the artificially created mini- recession from the pandemic—and destroys one more liberal myth about the economy not coming back for years—


ONE— In another remarkable achievement—the Director of the Centers for Disease control announced they are ready to begin distribution of vaccines to America’s most vulnerable by the second week of December—


This shatters yet another myth pushed by the dishonest news media—and their dishonest buddies in the Democrat Party—Operation Warp Speed—which a third of Biden voters had never actually heard of—has delivered in a way—almost no one could have anticipated—

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