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Steve Gruber, Impeachment Hysteria is running over

September 30, 2019

Its Monday—and it was a great weekend—no man eating caterpillars attacked me— So that’s good news!   I’m Steve Gruber—God bless America—this is the Steve Gruber Show—


Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know—


Three—  Honk Kong is getting rocked by protests—and with China’s 70th anniversary coming up—many wonder if the Red Chinese will stop being tolerant and crush the uprising with a hammer and sickle—


Two— Montana and the west are getting pounded by a blizzard conditions—some places got buried under four feet of snow— it is a record setting snow event this early in the year—and some are wondering how deep its going to get—


And Number One— Impeachment Hysteria is running over—so much so that one guy—who pretends to be a Republican and pretends to be relevant—says Trump could be executed—yes he did—AND Hillary could jump back in the race for a rematch! YES that is being discussed—


But First—Adam Schiff—who has already judged the entire matter—says the so-called whistle blower has agree to testify in front of Congress

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