The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, Governor Whitmer signs auto reform

May 31, 2019

Live—From a secret bunker behind enemy lines on the frontier of free speech— this is the Steve Gruber Show for

Friday May 31st2019—



—Here are 3 big things you need to know


Three— Enbridge tells the state they can get the tunnel built under the straights of Mackinac built a lot faster than they thought before—meanwhile a-g Dana Nessel says she may just shut it down anyway—


Two— The USMCA is sitting on hold—and the democrats don’t seem inclined to do anything about getting it finished—even though it could mean so much to people in our state—what are your senators doing? what are your members of congress doing—not much—and now the tariffs—


And number one— Governor Whitmer signs auto reform— it is a major step in the years long battle over insurance rates in Michigan—but will it make much of a difference on your bill? some critics say it’s a bad deal that was pushed through—others say it was the right thing to do

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