The Steve Gruber Show

Steve Gruber, Fresh off being disbarred- and sentenced to Prison for lying to Congress

February 28, 2019

LIVE- From National Harbor Maryland and CPAC 2019- this is The Steve Gruber Show- 


Here are 3 BIG THINGS you need to know- 


Three - Can you imagine handing out pieces of raw cotton to black people touring the state capital and talking about much better things are now that slavery doesn’t exist??? Wow- now imagine the first lady of Virginia doing exactly that- AFTER pictures of her husband in black face surfaced?!? Well no need to imagine- IT REALLY HAPPENED!


Two - President Trump is in the middle of his second summit with Kim Jong Un- and he is trying to end the nuclear proliferation on the Korean Peninsula- and bring peace and prosperity to the Korean people- he is doing this in Vietnam- this should not be over shadowed by the circus in Washington- but alas I digress…


AND Number One - Fresh off being disbarred- and sentenced to Prison for lying to Congress- Democrats invite former attorney for Donald Trump- Michael Cohen-  to Capitol Hill as a star witness in trying to find anything to destroy the President- BUT he quickly admitted he really does NOT have a smoking gun

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