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Steve Gruber, $2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package passed again

March 26, 2020

From the Heart of America—the sun is rising— again— Live from The No Panic Zone—in Studio G— I’m Steve Gruber—God Bless America this is The Steve Gruber Show— THURSDAY MARCH 26th 2020—


Here are Three Big Things You need To know right now—


Three— People violating the Governors stay at home order are finding its not as easy to just do as you please—in fact a car wreck on the states west side sent several people to the hospital and the police asking if they violated the order—


Two— Michigan School kids are still sitting home—with no statewide plan that I’ve heard to have them get back to their studies—the reason—maybe the unions just don’t want to admit that on-line learning and home schooling might do a far better job!


One— $2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus package passed again